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I'd like to add to what Fernsy said. The Arrows are the sole reason now for not leaving WB. Frankly ,I'm a lot bored with IEN's product.I'm hoping WBIII will be a much better product than the present offer.For now ,however, I enjoy the company of our squad and enjoy the conversing ,joking ,torturing etc that goes on. For me, it makes no difference what i fly as long as its with our squad. Thrax, I know you've been thru some tough times this last little while, but that shit soon passes and you'll be wondering why you retired.If you need help with ops ,I'm quite sure we can get volunteers to help out (count me as one). So from this little trooper......I will not accept your resignation...we'll have to fire you first


-- Gerry ( Flaps) (, August 15, 2000

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