A Good Idea

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Do you think this would be a good idea for our purposes?

-- Van Goodwin (van@isds.bus.lsu.edu), August 15, 2000


Yes, Van! I think you are a genius!

-- Van Goodwin (van@isds.bus.lsu.edu), August 15, 2000.

This looks good, maybe a bit techie like to the uninitiated but shuld be easy for them to get a hold of it quick. Not clear about the security. How do we make 50 different boards and restrict access to the people that are not in the team? This is very important because given the competitive prize we can not allow them to see each others' works.

Gabe P.s. I am going to the admin page

-- Gabe (gp45@cornell.edu), August 16, 2000.

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