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Do I need center filter for 75mm Fujinon or Nikkor lenses or this lenses already 'corrected' with built-in ND filter? It's seems to me that Fuji and Nikon don't make center filters for they s/w lences. I didn't find them in B@H and Calumet catalogues. Thank you.

-- Andre (, August 15, 2000


The lenses are not internally corrected with a built-in CF. Such a design would dim the ground glass view by 1.5 to 2 stops. Heliopan makes center filters which will work on all brands of lenses. For that matter, a Schneider or Rodenstock CF would probably also work fine.

-- Larry Huppert (, August 15, 2000.

You should test with Polaroid or "real film" and see if you need one before you spend the money. If you do, I second the recommendation of Heliopan center weighted filters.

-- Ellis Vener (, August 15, 2000.

I use a Rodenstock 67mm CF on my Nikkor-SW 75mm lens. For my purposes, the falloff evident with the 75mm and shorter focal lengths requires the CF.

Check out

RW is substantially less expensive than B&H for center filters. Even with shipping.

-- Bruce Gavin (, August 17, 2000.

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