hiking the tour of mount blanc

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my daughter and I would like to make this trip the first two weeks of june we would appreciate any information and tips on planing such atrip we would like to guide ourselfs thanks

-- thomas pedersen (pedersentp@yahoo.com), August 15, 2000


Some of the passes on this route are high enough that they may still have a fair amount of snow. Also, some of the huts may not be open yet. Early June is a very variable time. For example, this year there was still a lot of snow (down to 1800 meters, particularly on the N. facing slopes). Alternatively, it can be quite nice. the weather is very variable also. I would go to Adventurous Traveler's website, or Chessler Books website, and pick up some reading material. It's a great trip, and even if the weather is not so good, it's a wonderful place to be. June is a lot less crowded than July and August (for the above reasons!) Good luck! Peter

-- Peter Neame (pneame@com1.med.usf.edu), October 24, 2000.

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