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Just bought a Philips DVD751AT21 player which can handle VCD20 format. However, some of the VCDs that came from Malaysia will not play properly, but some others do. Those that fail will have black&white picture scrolling up rapidly. My laptop will also fail to play the same bad onces.

Any suggestion?


-- jz (, August 15, 2000


What format is yout tv and what are the vcd's? pal disks may not playback in some US DVD players.

You will have to re-encode, get a better DVD player that can do the conversion, or get a bi-region tv.


-- eric (, August 15, 2000.

Returned the Philips. Bought a Samsung DVD-511 for $159 from Target. Cheap cheap but this Samsung plays all my VCD now. Yippi...

-- jz (, August 17, 2000.

I have the Philips dvd751 myself, and it did the same thing with PAL vcds, but I called Philips and they explained how to switch it from NTSC to PAL ( holding down the stop and next buttons on the unit as you power it up). Funny thing is, I then STILL could not get the PAL vcds to play, apparently my television which is a 13 year old big screen (46") doesn't display PAL images!!!! Oh well, this tv will have to be replaced in the future anyway, then I can finally see my other vcds!!!

-- RG (, November 05, 2002.

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