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We have a Encoder card from a Taiwan company which encodes the input video to .mpg (Video CD format)

Though while installation and capturing, there is no problem, we have receievd a typical problem from our friends abt this card, which even we tried and got the same problem. Once a clip is captured which is more then 9/10 mins., (whatever size it can be, say 15 mins or 20 mins., whatever), on writing as Video CD (.dat), in Win On CD 3.0, Win On CD 3.7 Professional editon or even in VidoePak 4.0, it writes just 30 %, which comes to abt 8 mins and then immediately finalises, with lead-in and lead-out !!!. Suprising is it not ? However whatever the size of the file say for 30 mins., it is abt 325 MB., and when the .mpg file is played in any media player, it is playing for 30 mins, i.e., the mpg file seems to be O.k. However when we encode a .mpg file to Video CD (.dat file) in the same system, with same softwares and same hardware configuration, the the Video CD writes O.k., it seems there is some encoding mistake. Though the parameters are set correctly before capturing. We would request you to pls help us out and what should be done.

-- Ashok Lalwani (ashelec@vsnl.com), August 14, 2000


Looks like a muxing problem.

If you have access to Easy Cd Creator 4, try loading this clip into VideoCd Creator. If there's something wrong it alerts you with a box full of useful infos - looks at the places where are the ! and X signs. Another try: demux the file, remux it with Xing Encoder 2.20 and burn it on a rw disc. If everything goes ok as i suspect, you have a muxing problem. Can we know what card it is?

-- Jean-Luc Picard (jl.picard@startrekmail.com), August 14, 2000.

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