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Chongo, i finally saved enough pennies and can afford that wonderful treasure you call "the bible" you gave me the Dragon ladys' address in La Canada when i saw you at camp 4 last year, but i lost it. i'm on the east coast for a while but will return to L.A. in the fall. if you can get a book to her for me that would be great. i will pick it up right from her house as it is only a few miles from mine. -aloha

-- Jumpin' G. Hosaphat (, August 13, 2000


jeez,that note is a little convoluted. (i just got back to sea level at the time) i know the dragon lady lives near my house in sunland, ca. but i need her adress or phone number. can you get a book to her for me? i won't be in Yosemite til spring. i was hoping to get the book before then. --anyone who see's Chongo can let him know this thread is here. thanks

-- --Wayne ( Jumpin' G.) (, August 25, 2000.

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