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Right-wing bid to hit Democrat convention
RIGHT-WINGERS in the US are claiming Bill Clinton is suffering from a sexually-transmitted disease. They said they have obtained confidential medical reports which indicate the President is suffering from at least one "very intimate illness".
But furious Democrats have branded the revelations a smear designed to damage the party's convention, which begins on Monday.
One person who claimed to have seen the report said: "It's dynamite stuff. I saw eight or nine pages detailing doctors' visits and blood toxin reports."
The news was leaked only hours after Clinton told an evangelical summit that Vice President Al Gore, now running for president, should not share the blame for the misconduct that led to his impeachment.
The story of Clinton's health report appears this weekend in the American magazine Globe. A huge front-page headline announces: "Hillary's Heartbreak: Cheating Bill's Mystery Disease Shocking Medical Report."
It has been heavily hinted that the alleged disease is herpes which was first suggested by Internet columnist Matt Drudge in 1998. He reported: "White House intern Monica Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that President Clinton would cancel dates with her when he was flared with blisters."
Delegates to the convention in Los Angeles are outraged the story has broken now. Clinton is due to speak on the first day.
Gore has tried to distance himself from the President so that his campaign will not be affected by any more revelations about Clinton.
His choice of Joseph Lieberman as his vice- presidential running mate was part of the strategy to show that Gore was no creature of Clinton. The senator was one of the first Democrats to publicly criticise Clinton over his affair with Lewinsky.
But tensions are rising over fears that the President and wife Hillary, who is bidding to be senator for New York, will steal the limelight. They will spend twice as long as Gore in Los Angeles and expect to raise more cash for Hillary's battle and Bill's presidential library than he can for his campaign.

-- (nutz@nutz.nutz), August 13, 2000


Link? Link? Someone said this article was on Durge, but I don't see it. Did you write it, Girl? Nah. Couldn't have. The grammar is too good.

-- (, August 13, 2000.

As a fairly conservative lady, I have always thought that the right was wrong to push these issues, I mean if Monica wants to sell handbags at least she could do so at a reasonable price!

-- Bimi Thanton (Bimit@littlerock.con), August 13, 2000.

The Right Wing nutz will stop at nothing to smear Clinton. It's payback for having Nixon's dirty tricks exposed, televised and proved. Elephants have long memories, and the Republicans will never get over it, and they will annouce long and loud everytime a Democrat picks his nose from now on.

I find it amazing that the Republican and Democratic conventions, even after all this time, have been over-shadowed by muck raking about Clinton.

-- gilda (, August 15, 2000.


If you are planning to spy on Gore and attempt to embarass him on national media, please do it now!

I do not want to listen to your hypocritical hogwash for the next 8 years.

Thank You

-- (deal.with.real.issues@not.smut), August 15, 2000.

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