Urgent: week of August 13

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Messages which absolutely need to be seen today due to time constraints or breaking news. Remember to check the"new answers" link for the most active topics. This topic will run for a week, and then we will start a new dated "urgent" file.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2000


Persen House in Kingston Freeman

Persen House in Kingston hopes to be a multicultural history center. Wonder if that might be a resource for sharing a travelling exhibit of images of Native Americans, or some other deal that might be good for them and good for the Onteora community?

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

For a cultural blast from the past, I just found a web page on the "Pow Wow the Indian Boy" cartoons

I recall them as being fairly positive stereotypes, but I was pretty little then. Anyone else have a better memory? i didn't see much that talked about them otherwise on the net.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

Dennis meets tomorrow with AG's office and a group from the BOE and CARE...Hope it goes well...he's ready to host us Thursday night and tell us what's happening.


-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

Quote from dancer Katherine Dunham (now 91!) that struck me as an answer to that phrase CARE supporters use about our taking away their memories:

"If I stand here and look backward, nostalgia sets in. And nostalgia is the deadly killer of our dreams. Memory, good, if it serves a purpose. But stay away from nostalgia."

The Indian issue is not about taking away their memories, of course -- no one can do that to them but themselves and time. But it is about fear of change, and ignorance, and xenophobia, and all those other shadows they can't face, and the Indian is a convenient surrogate.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

Looked up the Oxford English Dictionary definition of nostalgia, noting the -algia and thinking of neuralgia and fibromyalgia. Painful diseases, and I see that in the 18th century nostalgia was actually considered a pathological condition. Says much of the nostalgia for the high school days that many Indian mascot supporters don't seem to be able to let go of.

1. Pathology. A form of melancholia caused by prolonged absence from ones home or country; severe home-sickness. 1770 J. Banks Jrnl. in J. Cook Jrnls. (1955) I. 409 The greatest part of them [sc. the ships company] were now pretty far gone with the longing for home which the Physicians have gone so far as to esteem a disease under the name of Nostalgia.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2000


Trooper Alnwick promises an unmarked state police car Monday night, by 7pm, but unclear how late they can stay. The sp will contact Olive police to call them off. I spoke to Marty Millman: "mum's the word"

The sp would like a list of our vehicles by Monday. Please email me: name, model, year, color, license plate and I'll compile the list and fax it to them.

I'm gonna try to get there early enough to park near the door.....


-- Anonymous, August 18, 2000

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