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Well, it's been a fun two years, but all things have to end. The new WWII Arena may be allot of fun for most, but IMHO it has spplit the Arrows.

The squad was formed on just two provisors. 1) We have a laugh 2) We look after each other 3) We get drunk

OK, so that was three but WTF :) With the new Arena, I had hoped that we could alternate Allied one TOD Axis the next. That way everyone gets a spin in their favourite ride. And we don't have squaddie vs squaddie. This hasn't really happened. I'm not gonna try to get someone to do something they don't want to do. So number 2) has gone. If that goes then 1) Goes with it.

So you have a choice. We can disband the squad (which would be a shame as it is IMHO one of the best squads arround) or someone else takes over as CO. Either way the choice is down to you guys.

If the players do migrate back to the MA, then the above no longer applies, as it will be back to the old days. But for the WWII Arena.. well.. nuff said.

It's been a blinding two years, and I wouldn't wish to have flown with a better bunch. A big < S > to you all.


-- Thrax (, August 12, 2000


hold on mate


In addition to Thraxi's three points try a fourth...never be organised. One of the great things about having the arrows was having a series of mates around who could inform me how to pack my chute with a follow up message 'next time slips'.

Summer is never the best time to get things done, I'm off on me hols next weekend and I'm sure other's have been or will be going away (Heps will be released from the Instanbul Hilton folowing his attempted remake of Midnight Express a week on Tuesday.)

The WW II arena is 'different'; I actually don't give a toss wot I fly as I'm crap in all except the TB-1 which is real junk. It's the fun bit that matters (the no 1 item on the Thrax list for membership).

I would suggest that we continue. Thraxie you've done a brill job getting us together and keeping things going. Seems you've also had a bit of rough deal about other things at the mo. But hey, the lads are here. We can club together a get you a sample of prozac (;-))

I say we keep going. When the crappy weather sets in, long nights (except those members in the antipodians) we will need our fixes. I say keep going: Warbirds III will be with us as well: I can see the Arrows in 3d on me mac with a tasty logo at the top of the charts.

My humble rantings,


-- slipper (, August 13, 2000.

Request for resignation denied!

No way, your the CO, Thrax. This is your squad, your creation. There must be a solution for the new arena. We are not the only squad facing this dilemma. I'd be interested in other's suggestions. I have no problem rotating sides each TOD. But that does limit the AC you can fly. I agree with Slipper, I've had just as much fun goofying around with squad mates as I've had in squad events. Perhaps we should give it a bit more time and see how others handle the new arena.


-- Tex (, August 13, 2000.


Thrax & Fellow Arrows,

This is not good news. Being part of the Red Arrows is one of the reasons I have stuck with Warbirds and not gone over to another sim or a completely different game altogether. Flying with you Thrax and with the rest of the Arrows has been fantastic. I love flying in this squad whether we fly for axis, allied or we're split over both sides, it dosn't matter to me. Actually it's kinda fun flying against you guys as well! As far as flying a favourite plane, I'll fly anything with wings, be it 109, jug, spit or JU52. The Arrows are not a historically based squad and therefore should not be bound by who we fly for. Maybe we can fly for both sides and still be in the same squad, remember - THIS IS A GAME ! All that matters is we have fun!

Thrax, if you think you can't go on in the CO's position then that is your choice. I'm hoping you'll stay there, leading us into the wild blue yonder but if you can't, please stay in the squad! We'd all miss you heaps!

I sincerly hope things stay as they are but if they dont I'll say these things to you guys : - I'll always call or clear your six if you're in the Red Arrows or not, - If you're on the other side, I hope we have as much fun as combatants as we do as did as squadmates.

Luv Fernsy :-)

-- Dave "Fernsy" Ferns (, August 14, 2000.

I have a solution....

Thrax i feel you a little depressed...

1:) One bottle of Chivas 12 Years if you stay!!! 2:) You will have the squad sheep for one whole month!!! Sliper learned her how to do new things... 3:), forget the third... 4:) I'll send you my nefew's Pokemon's collection cards...

Now with that offer you can't leave the squad!!


-- Philippe Stern (French) (, August 15, 2000.

Squad Sheep Already Reserved

I checked the squad sheep's calendar and their dance cards are full until early next year. But a couple of the squad cows are free...

-- Tex (, August 16, 2000.

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