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Is there any finance asking of a local church that could against the law of the AME Church such as advance offering etc. What must a church pay according to the church law to stay a member of the AME church? Would someone enlighten me on this please. Thank You

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2000


To stay a member of the AME church, each church must contribute quarterly to the Connectional Church budget--an amount as designated by the episcopal district. Each district was apportioned a part of the budget at the General Conference on a percentage basis. Ultimately, in our district, the assessment was divided up in our presiding elder's district. This depends upon the way each bishop decides it is to be handled. All Treasurer Lewis wants in the long run is the $$$$ in his office on time! Generally, all I can say is financial experts need to devise a better way to fund the church. A great burden continues to be placed on our individual churches.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2000

Since all local churches are incorporated and are a part of the overall A.M.E. Church, then there is no real payments for membership by the local churches. The local churches are more like branches of the overall Connectional Church. All property is actually owned by the connectional church, therefore there is no real membership dues or fee where if a church did not pay its assesments it would be removed from the denomination. The presiding Elders serve as middle management and see to it , that the overall responsiblity for monies needed by the Connectional Church are shared and raised by the local churches under his charge. In the first district each pastor is given what the responsibility of his church is towards the ministries of the overall budget of the District and Presiding Elder District.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2000

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