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deviant mind ready to participate in some SF Cacophony fun. will be willing to help in any way.


-- emily rothchild (, August 11, 2000


why not?

-- supernova (, September 08, 2000.

Lets start some shit! Anyone here from USF? My school is in need of some serious eye opening... FUCK CORPORATE AMERICA!!

-- Eric Mueller (, September 25, 2000.

Initiation? Shock someone? Why not help stage public crucifixions throughout the Lent period of 2001 (Feb 28 thru April 15th)??? "Traditional" ot Leather/S&M---to make the point that most churchgoings-on, especially Catholics---are attracted to the prulent, closet-kink of the S&M session known as the Passion Play. Could be kinda fun and challenging.

-- Will Mariner (, November 10, 2000.

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