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How can I focus a 75 mm lens for vertical shots, dropping the bed out of view, on the Tech V? The standard wants to sit half on the geared [bed mounted] track, and half on the housing mounted storage track for infinity focus. Problem is [for those of you without Linhofs] dropping the bed places its track at a 15 or so degree angle to the housing track--the front standard must choose [I must choose really] the forward or rearward track. The rear / housing track is ungeared, so fine focussing would be problematic. Anyone know that a half inch Bromwell [or other] recessed board will sit the standard on the geared track?

-- david bull (dlbull@compuserve.com), August 11, 2000


The 75mm lens is supposed to be mounted in a 001016 recessed Linhof lensboard. If you do that you will eliminate the problem.

The current 001016 board works for both Copal and Compur 0 shutters.

The older 001015 is only for Compur 0 shutters and won't work properly or place the lens correctly if your lens has a Copal shutter.

Conversly the older 001016 board is for Copal only and a Compur shutter will not mount correctly.

Only the current 001016 works properly for both shutters.

If you are buying a used board you must make sure you get the proper one and the boards do not have model numbers on them and you can not tell visually which one you have. So be sure the seller knows what he is doing.

BTW, the 90mm to 150mm lenses are supposed to be mounted on the same board.

You can call service at 973 808-9626 in the US if you need additional help.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), August 11, 2000.

Amen to Bob's posting on boards. Additionally, pull the lens standard well out on to the first rail, drop the bed to the first notch, then bring back the standard until it is stopped by the housing's rails. Proceed from there to focus by using the geared first set of rails. For vertical shots the camera must be tilted 90 degrees. The horizontal lateral movements now become the vertical movements. The linhof boards I use are recessed 20 mm., that will give you an idea if alternative boards will work.

-- Julio Fernandez (gluemax@ora.auracom.com), August 13, 2000.

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