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Can someone please tdouble-check boxster's .inp. I can't get it to play back under specified version, settings.

Thanx, Q.T.Quazar

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2000


OK, more info. Looks like this rom was incomplete in older versions of MAME. It didn't have the bonus question marks to give the different power ups. Now that it does, the question marks seem to be totally random--I can't figure out what they are linking to (cpu speed, game time, etc.), and it affects the recording because some speed you up, some make you big, etc. Needless to say, they don't give me the same powerups when I play back the game.

I will post my 35000 recording for you to play with. Here are the settings: MAME32v.37b5, Stereo Sound, FM Synthesis on, autoframeskip on. I think that the game was still broken in MAMEv.36final (as per the two highs), but am unsure (I believe it was fixed either late .36 or early .37), and am going to bed right now. I can check tomorrow, if noone else does.

Oh, BenJos and skito, MAMEwip says that Bagman now has speech. Ay-oye-oye. :)

Thanx all, Q.T.Quazar

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2000

i'll bet everyone just can't wait to see if they can playback these recordings and see if they work for them... i think if you can't play it back yourself it's not worth uploading at all.

for the record i couldn't get them to playback, both the dos and win versions shows 4 question marks on the screen and you travel over the left one and it gives you extra speed which you use to commit suicide.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2000

Ease up on the sarcasm, chad. I wouldn't normally post the .inp, but I thought it was important for this game because if you compare it to the confirmed .inps, you can see where the game wasn't working properly before. So if anything, all .inps would have to be deleted, unless someone can figure out a way of making this thing work.

Incidentally, anyone know when the button 1 and question marks were fixed?

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2000

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