I have to start a topic about HIM, of course...

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...also because maybe, this way, I won't waste whole journal entries being shamefully adolescent. I can do it here, and only those interested can read as desired.

So, we went to see Gladiator again tonight, and oh--if anything, it was even better the second time around! Of course I mean he was even better.

Contrary to Kymm, though, the scenes that get me going aren't the ones where he's all bloody and sweaty. No, the ones that make me want to ravish him right then and there are the ones where you can see the restrained emotion, like when he's talking to Lucilla the first time, outside the Emperor's tent, or in his cell when he tells her that the man she once knew is dead.

I'll shut up now. Seriously, though Kymm and I can't be the only ones who are made silly by this guy, can we? Or are you among those people who absolutely can't stand him? Why? And can anybody get me a part as an extra in his next movie? :-)

-- Dawn (amgraffiti@superplin.com), August 10, 2000


Just writing something so this will show up on the "recent answers" page, in case anyone checks. Or cares about this topic at all!

-- Dawn (dawn@superplin.com), August 11, 2000.

OK, I'll bite - I can't stand him. Sure, he's cute - sorta - but have you ever read an interview with him? He's self-obsessed, not the sharpest knife in the block, and spends most of his time when he's in Sydney being obnoxious in public (getting drunk, swearing, and the like). An Oik, as my mother would say.


-- Anna (anna@lucidity.au.com), August 13, 2000.

Anna, I knew you couldn't stand him (where did I read that, by the way? Not in your journal, certainly.)

I've read several interviews with him, and they vary so widely the results seem to cancel each other out, so that I've ended up with very unclear ideas about him. In what I've read, though, it generally seems to be interviewer who's obsessed with him, at which he gets bored and rude. Arrogant, certainly.

I have few illusions, really: Dario is surprised not just at the extent of this bizarre little obsession, but also because he's nothing at all like the type I usually go for. I'm sure that if I ever did meet him in real life, he'd intimidate the crap out of me. I doubt we'd ever get along.

But take the guy from The Quick and the Dead (which is not what you'd call High Art, but he is extremely hot in this movie), and shake him up in my imagination with a few scenes from Gladiator and lots of fiction and extrapolation from certain (positive) interviews, and you have the makings of The Mother of all Crushes.

Of course, I'd have to train him to quit brawling in bars. That's just a tad too common, you know? ;-)

-- Dawn (dawn@superplin.com), August 13, 2000.

I've just read that Meg Ryan dumped Our Boy Russ and went back to Dennis Quaid - if she'd only asked my secretary and me, who were discussing it last week, we could have told her that it would All End In Tears. How right we were, hey?

(If Billy Bob Thornton is reading this thread, he may like the benefit of our combined wisdom on this topic, as well).

cheers anna

-- anna (anna@lucidity.au.com), August 20, 2000.

Ooh, Anna, wherewherewhere did you read that? Anyplace online, or was it a "real" newspaper/magazine?

I've been hearing rumors that he was getting tired of her, but no confirmations as yet. And she left HIM? Hah... I love it.

I think those gossip mags up in the mountains did something to my brain.

-- Dawn (dawn@superplin.com), August 20, 2000.

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