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I'm not sure if this has been discussed at all but apparently it has been confirmed that a big-budget indie movie is being made about the last few days of Poe's life, called "The Nightmare's of Edgar Allen Poe". And it is supposedly starring Michael Jackson. I would like to know what everyone else thinks of this? Can he pull it off??

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2000



I would be hard pressed to identify the specific threads on this forum where this subject has been discussed but there are some contributors that have posted comments. It is my perception that the majority view is surprise that Mr. Jackson has demonstrated interest at all in Edgar Allan Poe. I do recall one contributor, a Jackson fan, that seemed enthusiastic.

Personally, were it a serious attempt by Mr. Jackson to factually represent Poe's genius and the mysteries of his unfortunate demise, I would be eager to see the finished product. While I have great respect for Mr. Jackson's peerless musical talents, I would seriously question his ability to accurately portray Mr. Poe in a manner consistent with historical facts. Solely based on Hollywood's history of exploitation, I fear this will conclude in another misrepresentation of Edgar, his works and his genuis.

I truly hope I am wrong!


-- Anonymous, August 26, 2000

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