UPDATE - Firestone Set to Replace 6.5 Million Tires

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Firestone Set to Replace 6.5 Million Tires

Source: Wall Street Journal Abstracts Date: 08/10/2000 07:00

Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. has offered to replace 6.5 million tires, mostly found on Ford light trucks and SUVs, in the second largest tire recall ever. The problem is an immense logistical one, and the company acknowledged that it did not have that many tires in inventory. Therefore, some customers in certain parts of the country will get their replacements before others.

The warmest regions will see the recalls first, as this is the area where the likelihood of failure is greatest. However, some consumers, frustrated with the possibility of delays, showed up at dealers demanding immediate replacement. Competing tire makers are gearing up production for the increased demand.

The recall came after the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration received over 300 complaints about the tires and the possibility of deaths linked to their failure. These safety concerns led a number of tire retailers to pull the company's tires from inventory. The company stated it will replace all size p235/75r15 radial ATX and radial ATX II tires made in North America, as well as Wilderness AT tires made at the Decatur, Illinois plant. Most of these tires were used on Ford Explorer and other light truck models.

For additional information refer to The Wall Street Journal or go to http://www.wsj.com.


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