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Help! I need to buy an MC Quick Change Universal Disk for a Copal # 1 shutter. A few years ago MC made a rather neat metal lensbaord system that allowed you to install a board on any LF camera you owned and a bayoneting lensboard on lenses. So you could use all lenses on all lf cameras instantly. I bought some and like them. Alas the company no longer manufactures the system. I need the lensboard( disc) for a Copal #1. If anyone has one of the discs and wants to sell it I would be interested. Bob Moulton

-- Bob Moulton (, August 10, 2000


I don't have their phone number handy, but they make these once per year, in the spring. They just finished a batch about two or three months ago. I also bought one of these recently, and will keep it until I can get a good supply of lensboards.

Could you make one, or have one made? They're simple enough. I was wondering if plastic would work for lighter lenses.

-- neil poulsen (, August 10, 2000.

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