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West Valley phones out until Thursday

By David Proffitt The Arizona Republic

August 10, 2000

For some residents in north Glendale and west Phoenix this evening, it's as if Alexander Graham Bell never existed.

Telephone service is out in the west Valley from Thunderbird Road north to Union Hills Drive and from Interstate 17 in Phoenix west past the Glendale city limits, said Glendale police spokesman Matt Brown. Qwest told police that phones will stay out until at least Thursday afternoon,and maybe into Friday, he said.

The outage affects mostly residences, but it's spotty. Some houses may have service while folks next-door do not. Authorities say "thousands'' of customers are affected but could not offer a better estimate.

Fire stations at 59th Avenue and Thunderbird Road and at 62nd Avenue and Union Hills Drive will handle emergencies during the outage, authorities said. Arrowhead Hospital, Thunderbird Hospital and Arrowhead Mall, all within the affected area, have phone service, and cellular phones are also working.

The outage is the result of damage to a main telephone cable near Glendale, Brown said.

-- (, August 10, 2000

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