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Montreal is an easy city to get into, but it can be tough to get out of. How do I get out of the city from the downtown core?

-- Leify (, August 09, 2000


To go south or east: Take Sherbrooke St west to Atwater. Turn south on Atwater. In a couple of minutes you'll go under the highway. That's good. Keep going, veer right around the Atwater market, then get into the right- hand lane. When you go into the tunnel (under the Lachine Canal, actually) keep your eyes peeled for the two quick rights. The first is to some streets in Verdun. You don't want those. But the second, about 10 meters after, says "Dorval / Pont Champlain" and that's the one you want.

Once on that road, follow the signs to the "Pont Champlain" (the Champlain Bridge). Across the river, you'll have easy access to a number of south-headed highways:

Highway 20 east: takes you towards Mount St Bruno, Mount St Hilaire, Quebec City, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Highway 15 east: takes you into the Eastern Townships.

-- Leif (, August 09, 2000.

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