Disabling the retractable side stand

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I believe the 748/996's have a special bolt that disables their retractable side stand.

Are the side stands of the MV and 996s similar enough that it would also work on the MV?

-- Allan Gibbs from Phoenix (Agibbs748@aol.com), August 09, 2000


The sidestand on both the Ducati and the MV F4 is attached to the engine casing via a large bolt. The springs attached to the sidestand and responsible for its retraction are attached to a flat metal plate which travels forward as the sidestand is brought forward and down. In the MV, this plate strikes the bolt which prevents further forward travel of the plate ...this leaves the springs in a sufficeiently rearward position to cause the stand to self-retract. The design (i.e., shape) of the plate on later 996's and 748's allows the plate to travel beyond the rear edge of the bolt to a point where the springs are sufficiently forward to prevent self-retraction of the stand. Using the Ducati plate on the MV requires no modification, fits perfectly, requires less than two minutes to install, and will successfully defeat its self-retraction. HOWEVER, becasuse the plate is allowed to move farther forward, it strikes the fairing and will leave a linear abrasion or scratch on the lower fairing visible only when the stan

-- Larry Wolf (a1dasa1@swbell.net), August 12, 2000.

I have installed the Ducati 996 bolt on mine and it works great. I also added a larger foot to the bottom of the stand. Both parts are available from Dr. Desmo. www.drdesmo.com

-- Brent Van Tassel (brentv@email.msn.com), October 21, 2000.

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