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I am having problems with sound in my mpeg-1 files. While creating a mpeg-1 file the sound seems to drift, so twards the end of the mpeg-1 file the sound is about 1-3 seconds behind the actions on the screen. Can anybody tell me why this happens and how to solve this?

Also I am trying to convert this file into a video CD using nero V5. I can create the Video CD no problem, but when I play this back all I see is a blank screen, some of the sound playing and also lots of clicks and other noises. Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem?

Thanks Julian

-- Julian Jesson (, August 09, 2000


How did you create your mpeg file, e.g. what capture and software did you use ? One reason for the drifting sound over time could be that you do capture your picture with PAL format, but your frame rate is set to NTSC format or vice versa. If you use soemthing like ULEAD's Vide Studio it could happen quit simeple by theire somewhat funny setup and templates.

-- Ollie (, August 09, 2000.

You do not say if your watching the file on a TV or on a computer, I will guess its a computer and PAL files.

Video lagging the sound is often the result of the PC being inacapble of playing the file at the correct frame rate. You will find his particularly with SVCD since it is MPEG 2 and you require a lot of power to software decode, its quite often I get that on my computer unless I use the Hollywood Plus decoder card. If it lags on a TV then there is a problem. Media player in general will not play Mpeg2 very well on slow computers, my 233 struggles to 6 fps out of 25 and the 350 works comput just makes it to 24 fps on average so yes there is lag involved.

-- Ross McL (, August 09, 2000.

Try in foll order: 1. defrag your harddisk, full. 2. wipe clean free space on hddisk 3. disable preview. 4. must have more than 50% of what you're capturing. Of course, you must the min. spec for capturing..cpu, hardware etc.

-- Danny (, September 14, 2000.

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