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I've been experimenting with image transfers for a dozen or so film packs now and can't seem to reduce the amount of lift off. I've tried using a hair dryer, letting the image sit longer than two minutes on the paper and other things. What are people's tips for reducing lift off? I'm using Arches paper, smooth and pre-soaking it. Any tips? Thanks - Lisa

-- Lisa Mossel Vietze (, August 09, 2000


I spritz the paper with distilled water leaving it only slightly damp. I roll the transfer on over heat and leave it on the heat source for 1 minute. If I think it's going to lift off, I submerge the paper, with the transfer still attached, in distilled water and do the peel in the water. I move slowly.

Hope this helps. Good l

-- Cate Goedert (, August 09, 2000.


I have had good luck not having lift off by using Arches hot press like you do. I have a pan of really hot water (sometimes I microwave it first) and soak the paper in it for about half a minute. Then I squeegee off the paper, then print the picture, peel it and put it onto the Arches. I roll the film onto the paper with a soft brayer roller for about two minutes. Then I let it float on top of the pan of still hot water for another two minutes. Then I push the paper under the water (with the film still attached) and peel it very slowly still under the water. I hope this helps you! Good luck!


-- Angela Winholtz (, August 09, 2000.

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