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About a year ago someone on this BB suggested modifying the AME motto to include the Holy Spirit while keeping the other components in tact. I can't recall his exact recommedation but it sure sounded like a brilliant idea to me. If we are indeed Trinitarian in faith should not our motto be consistent with that theological teaching? Furthermore, I understand it was presented at the GenCon 2000. I suspect the proposal did not pass since I would have heard something by now. I am quite frankly embarrased if this proposal did not pass and seriously question the theological value of those who oppossed it? What would be the grounds for not including the Holy Ghost in our motto?? This idea is timely and I would hope more support rally behind our brother's suggesstion.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000


I'd love to see specific teaching on the Trinity. The Body of Christ must move beyond the unbiblical reference to Him as "it" and as a "feeling".  This doctrine (the Trinity) must be firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of each beliver, especially with the "Jesus only" movement and the more cleverly veiled modalism disguised as Trinitarianism.   We all have to be armed with the ability to rightly divide the word and recognize this heresy.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

I would fully agree with both statements about the Holy Spirit. He has become a prominent figure within the past century and we must remember to involve him within our full mission and motto. I can however understand the Holy Spirit's presence within the motto with the phrase God our Father and man Our brother. If one agrees with the theological position that the Holy Spirit descends from the Father through the Son to the Believer, then it would not be improbable for one to accept that it is the Holy Spirit who empowers believers in godly brotherhood. The reality of the matter may be in regards to maintaining the African Methodist identity to which Richard Allen so lovingly believed as a means of liberating freedom for Blacks. This need to maintain this identity could arouse somewhat of a fear of pentecostal ecumenism that would harshly damage the AME church. I believe inclusiveness of the Holy Spirit within the church motto would only exemplify to a greater degree the liberating power preached and enacted by Bishop Allen and all the other great leaders of our beloved church. I hope this brings some light on the matter at hand.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2000

If it ain't broken, don't you try fix it. The official motto of our denomination is GOD OUR FATHER CHRIST OUR REDEEMER MAN OUR BROTHER A motto can't reflect everything that we stand for, and even the feminist attempts to have the motto change to Humnakind One Family are way out of line. What is wrong with us! We can't even maintain and defend what we already have, but we always wants to fashion the church according to the times. We have members who do not understand our current motto, our current basic beliefs, our current structures, and yet whenever people speak up, they just want to amend and streamline and what have you. We canot maintain the institutions that we have, yet we want to establish new institutions. We cannot support current missionary activities, but we talk about new horizons calling. We cannot control and administer the resources that we have, yet we talk about new avenues to generate money for the general budget of the Church. Whats wrong with. We better take the time to sort out what we already have and we can better manage what we have, and stop trying to modify the basics out of which the original Free African Society evolved.

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2001

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