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Dear contibutors, recently I was in a shop and heard somebody saying that he owned a number of Sinars 30cm x 40cm! especially built for him ! I wasn't at all convinced that the thing was true but a certain doubt remains so..........does anybody know anything about this?

-- andrea milano (, August 09, 2000


Virtually any camera company will make what you want but you will pay prototype prices for it. Many of our USA camera companies will. I've heard of Canham and others making custom deals. It is probably a Sinar P or P2 with a slightly larger than 11x14 change kit. European (and the rest of the world) sizes don't exactly match our inch sizes. "Why have it made?", is the big question. I guess European film comes in 30x40cm and I guess he loves Sinar movements. Maybe you can't get a big camera that easily there (or is it here?). If it was made for him no one would know about it because it was a one-time request.

-- Rob Tucher (, August 09, 2000.

Well, thank you for the kind deductions, however Iwas asking to someone if they knew it for sure. With the due respect for Mr. Canham, (whom I met twice at the fotokina), he runs a business which is in a totally different league than Sinar so his capability to adapt is built in in him being more or less a one man band. I was interested and saw somebody else putting a similar qestion to the forum. The well know discrepancy in sizes has no role in this matter. However about big sizes, Lotus builds a 50cm x 60cm camera.

-- andrea milano (, August 09, 2000.

Why not just call and ask the factory in Switzerland? Or ask them next month in Koln?

-- Bob Salomon (, August 09, 2000.

Hi Bob! Well it is for sure a good Idea, I was planning to visit the Fotokina anyway, the only thing is that these questions on a trade fair might be answered by somebody who isn't completely informed and there is always a risk of misinformation rather than information, B.t.w.- Will you be there? At Linhof's? Thanks for the suggestion, anyway. regards to you and all the rest of the contributors.

-- andrea milano (, August 10, 2000.

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