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This is a response it the discussion from last month about not liking "Losing My Religion". It had never been my favorite REM song but after I heard Michael Stipe's explanation about the song on my new VH1 Storytellers CD. I have a new perspective of the song. Let me quote the master (If I paraphrase, it might lose it's impact).

"When you have a crush on somebody and you think that they understand that, but you're not sure. And you're dropping all kinds of hints and you think that they're responding to these hints, but you are not sure. That's what this song is about. Thinking that you've gone too far. You dropped a hint the size of Idaho. And they responded in a way that maybe confused you or they haven't responded at all or that they responeded in a way that seemed like, wow, maybe something's going to happen here"

-- Dana Kuhnau (, August 08, 2000

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