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Brothers and Sisters, God man us in HIS OWN IMAGE, therefore, we are GREAT. We should not be accepting mediocrity as a lifestyle, because this is not happiness. This causes misery and therefore we can not appropriately minister HIS word to others. Although we never got our 40 acres and a mule, the federal government has provided us, with an opportunity to get it through deregulation of huge public utilities and telecom. Black folks spend millions in heating and cooling there homes, restaurants and other businesses, but we now have the opportunity to get paid from it!

Microsoft, IBM, the oil boom and the gold rush, all happened only once in history... Blacks and other minorities unfortunately did not benefit, due to lack of knowledge on how to get involved. Now, learn how we can recycle dollars back into our families and communities through deregulation of huge public utilities and telecom. Which could create a huge economic empowerment opportunity in the history of mankind for all involved!!!

We have the power right now to break the cycle of poverty in our communities at last! Deregulation is only going to happen once, with or without our families and communities benefiting, the only question is, which community will participate and profit?

For more information contact me asap!!!

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000


If Bill Gates can produce Microsoft, why can't a black man/woman do the same? If George Washington Carver can do it in his generation, why can't we do the same with much more opportunity? If Gooseneck Bill can become a millionaire in Fort Worth Texas in the 1930,s etc., why can't a black man/woman become a billionaire? Brothers and sisters, we need to take advantage of our opportunity now and forget about help from a government that is only interested in perpuating itself in spite of what any polition says. Blesings!

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2000

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