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i use a toshiba satellite 4070cdt laptop (366mhz celeron, win98, cd-rom drive etc.). tried various pieces of software, but none of them will play vcds - some say something about a "device error". tried reinstalling windows media player with no result. checked the teac website, but apparently the cd-rom drive (cd-224e) can read vcds.

what am i missing? can laptops not play vcds?

thanks for any help,


-- Will (, August 08, 2000


xing, mplayer & other soft vcd player cannot play hongkong vcd. but after i use prosvcd all can play fine include svcd. the url is

-- malai (, November 06, 2000.

there is some file that needs to be on your system (windows\system dir) to read a vcd. u can get it from i think its named scsihlp.vxd or something similar.

-- ndumu (, November 06, 2000.

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