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You have some great suggestions for women. What about us men? (I'd like to see some similar wardrobe suggestions.)

I'm planning a trip to Rome, Naples, and southern Italy in late September...and I would like to travel light.


-- Everett Leiter (, August 08, 2000


Hi Everett;

I must admit some bias in my Web site having more tips for women. As a woman I have far more experience trying to coordinate a women's travel wardrobe. Add to that the fact that many men seem to have an inate understanding for traveling light... so over time my advice become increasingly directed towards those who ask more questions.

A very good men's packing list is found at Rick Steves' Web site for Europe Through the Back Door, at You might look through there for some hints and tips for men's travel wardrobes.

Have a wonderful trip!

-- Lani

-- Lani Teshima (, August 08, 2000.

The Compleat Carry-on Traveler has many packing tips for men and a list you can tailor for each trip. You will need to scroll down to the "One Page Checklist" area to get to the PDF file link. I choose "save to file" so I can keep a copy on disk and adapt it to each trip. List should cover nearly every need.

-- Monica Wallek (, September 01, 2000.

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