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Here's a twist to the old topic-

I picked up a TC at a pawn shop last week, with no batteries in it.

When I got it home, I put the batteries from my old reliable Autoreflex T into the TC, (smaller diameter, but they make contact). The TC's meter now works, but is OVERexposing by about 2 stops. That is, with 100 iso film, I set the camera to 400 iso and it is about ok.

I'm wondering if the TC has previously been recalibrated for 1.5volts. Would that be about 2 stops? Any thoughts?

If that is what has happened, it might make sense for me to simply use the 1.5 v batteries rather than recalibrate BACK to 1.35, and then not be able to locate the Mercury cells. But then, the concern will be what happens when the alkaline starts to drop in voltage - I'm not sure what the voltage curve of an alkaline cell is in discharge, or whether the light metering is directly proportional to that. I know that carbon cells are very linear, whereas ni-cads (not that they're available in this type) hold their peak voltage quite well and then drop off very rapidly. I wonder what alternative there is to Alkaline - lithium perhaps?

Any comments?


Mark Webster

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000



I think the problem is that the Autoreflex T takes PX675 batteries and the TC takes PX625.

That's funny that you should mention that because i just bought a TC as well and have been noticing that the meter reading is about a stop underexposed (compared to my ft-1). With color print film, one or two stops in either direction is not a big deal. However, black and white and slides may show some variation.

That is my broader question. Is it better to find the mercury batteries ( or to have the sucker converted? how much does the conversion cost? does anyone get buy with the alkalines?

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000

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