What is our IP address data model?

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Could we attempt to list the fields and attributes of that set of IP addresses that we would regard as either incoming intruder attempts or outgoing callback attempts. This is what I called the uid table.. bob

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000


Or perhaps just some 'words' about what info we might like about a given IP address? Like the IP name or the service provider's ip address and name and mailing address and telephone. Last date verified. Types - not mutually exclusive : email spammer, port troller, adware, call home intruder, most recent counts of all intrusion attempts or successes (both?) Logged by whom, when, system, type of log. Ports used on my PC (incoming and outgoing), ports used on 'their machines'? Is the ip name on the host blocking list? Is it a candidate for hosts? Type of address - permanent, cable, other broadband, dial-up?

Related software and company info - program name(s), dll's, related trojans, related web-bugs (javascript captures), web pages related

suggested methods of action? Public Recordkeeping of communication using web-based database... etc

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000

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