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Somebody please help me! I have an ATI mach64, and ATI TV TUNER & a 12Mb Voodoo 2. In my device manager, the device "bt829" has a yellow exclamation mark. I don't know whether this is the cause of the problem. When I use ATI Video player, the message "Driver internal error 725" and then a message about unknown MCI device. This happens when I use any VCD player ( I have tried I-ON VCD Player and it says ERROR) I have updated my ATI Player software, and tried to update the bt829.inf but to no avail. Please help as I have bought many VCD's abroad and brought them here; I do not have an external VCD/DVD player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Elshad Kassim (, August 07, 2000


BT829 is a chipset inside your ATI TV Tuner card, and it's your video capture driver for it. Your problem is that exclaimation point next to it. Go further then just looking at that in the hardware device config...right click on it and choose properties. Look at the driver information on this device to see what it is conflicting with. Normally it either conflicting with other video/audio IRQ or INT. try taking it off auto select and config it to other IRQ or INT addresses and see the exclaimation point goes away.....

-- lnguyen (, August 08, 2000.

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