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Hello, Im experiencing problems trying to cut a VCD Movie First I have ripped a DVD and converted it to 2 (NTSC) MPEG Files using Dod speed ripper, DVD2MPEG AND Xing Encoder. Every thing works fine (except the quality which sucks), next I tried using WinonCD to cut the VCD, but when I tried to reference the source files a massage prompt that the frame rate is incorrect? Or something like that, then I tried to cut a copy using Easy Cd Creator, which had no problem until I tried to play the copy on my Apex DVD it played fine for about 5 minuts but then just stopped I tried to play it a few times and it stopped at the same spot each time, so I made another copy of the second half of the Movie, now both copies played Just fine on my PC, but not on the Apex, does anyone knows how to correct this problems (1.WinOnCd, 2.Easy CD to play on Apex DVD)

The always confused,


-- Eze (, August 07, 2000


The best answer to your issues with compatability and quality is to try using a program called DVD@SVCD along with TMPG (both can be downloaded for free off the internet just search for them with google) make sure you select best quality in the desired menu and you get perfect dvd rips everytime....plays very well in apex players.

-- Gary DeMoss (, August 04, 2002.

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