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I've been traveling for the past month. When I logged on today my reaction was "WTF!". What happened to the MA? and WTF is this WWII Arena? How can we fly as a squad and fly your favorite plane(Axis or Allied)? And where the hell is my P-38??

Shell shocked! Tex

-- Tex (, August 06, 2000


My 2cents

Tex, Yeah, thats kind of how I felt when I managed to get back too. There are some advantages to this arena though. No more seal clubbing of the color that only has 10% of total pilots on-line. Always (almost) a field to fly from....etc. Have to admit, when I fly the allies, It's hard shooting at those red cons hehe. Now if I can just figure out whats the prob. with WB & my video card (Rage 4 chipset), I'll be a much happier flyer.


-- Squatch (, August 07, 2000.


Aaaaaaah Tex, Welcome back mate! What you see before you is the the new WW2 arena. A lot of people don't like it , but a lot do (including me). I think it's the best thing to happen to WB in a long time! What we get is a 2 sided war with historical matchups. The red arrows have been flying on the axis side but I belive we will be flying allied next tour. I've been flying 109s almost exclusively and having heaps of fun! And I haven't flown a jug in weeks! Anyway bud, hope to see you there soon!

Love Fernsy :-)

-- Dave Ferns (, August 07, 2000.

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