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Broken heirlooms? Flat tires? Tell your stories about the hell that is moving.

-- Jenna (, August 06, 2000


I have moved at least once a year for the past six years, some years more than once. That is the hell that being in college and grad school and basically continually in transit is like. I've just moved into my latest apartment, mostly by myself, but with the help of my uncle, his lackey, and a mini-van. It's all done, thank god. Now I have to unpack. That's an experience in and of itself.

OK, I just counted - 13 moves in the past six years. To school, from school, to school, to another dorm @ school, to another dorm @ school, to another dorm @ school, to home, to school, to home, to school, to home, to school, to home, and then to here.

I'm not going to move for at least another three years (and I'm shuddering just thinking of it!)

-- Claire (, August 07, 2000.

Not our current place, but the place before it, when 3 of us were moving my boxspring up a tight stairway, it started to slip a bit and crush one guy against a wall. As I was trying to hold it it off him, my arm got squat between the boxspring and the chain fire escape ladder hanging nearby. The chain pressed against my bare arm, and when things shifted, I could feel the blood running off my arm where the chain had just dug in and gashed me, but I couldn't let go of my grip because the other guy was still trying to get out from being crush.

Still have the small scars on my wrist.

That sucked.

-- Patrick (, August 28, 2000.

This last, most recent move...we spend two days moving. The last night we had just finished cleaning old place VERY thouroughly....when a candle that had been burning on the mantlepeice in living room... well there was no wax left.. and the wick suddenly shot into flames before my eyes, and the fire spread up the wall. I threw my pepsi on it and it went out... but left an ugly black mark on the wall that would not come off with anything. Luckilly our landlady was pretty cool about it.

-- Tracey (, August 28, 2000.

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