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I know this is true because I heard it on Rock N Roll Jeopardy. but can anyone tell me more about this TUARTARA band that Buck is in? I'm not sure thats how you spell it but if anyone can find out anything about it that would be much appreciated.

-- uncle jammama (, August 06, 2000


Tuatara. It's really cool music. Using instruments such as Tibetan Horns, Sax, Cello, Marimba, Vibes, Slide Guitar,6Bass Guitar etc.... all instrumental. It's happening stuff. Go listen to it.

-- D (, August 07, 2000.

my friend seen Buck play with a differant side band...THE VOLUME DEALERS....cept he plays bass and the great Neil Young is on lead guitar....they rock,so ive heard...

-- ms.Stipe (, August 18, 2000.

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