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I am the executive director of a grass root human rights organization that was founded to stop hate groups, and to also be a beacon of hope. We are now an international organization. We have gotten several inquiries from organizations in various parts of Africa. The latest inquiry is in regard to a program called "Limbs for hope in Sierra Leone". The program brings prosethic limbs to children who have lost their limbs due to the fighting in Sierra Leone. We also have gotten information in regard to the 250,000 children who are orphaned a year in the Sudan due to the conflict there. It is hard to get information as to what is happening in Africa, could you share some insight on what is happening In Sierra Leone and other "hot spots" on the continent. Please keep us posted as to what we in America can do to help! God Bless, Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000


The August Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has a very informative article, titled "The Terror of Sierra Leone." I hope this helps. God bless.

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2000

Mary thank you so much for the info on Sierra Leone. This will help and I will have something to show my board. Again thans! Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2000

Dear Rev. Rogers. Presently I am working on project in Cape Town South Africa called the Truancy Reduction Project in a poverty strickened township called Manenberg, Cape Town ,South Africa. We work on the junior and High Schools, trying to stop the children and youth from joining the gangs that terrorize the entire town. We need assistance in this project as it will be stopped in November 2000.We are really reaching children and it is sad to see the project come to an end. Today ,I had to counsell a 9 year old boy that is being sodomized by his brother while his single parent is working. This community needs help. The congregation I serve here, cannot meet regularly because the gang war is on.The average income in this community is+ -$85 per month and we are struggling to meet our commitments.We need help desparately.

God bless your ministry. Rev. Ursula Higgins, Pastor: Calvary AME Church, Manenberg.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2000

Dear Pasor Higgins God Bless your ministry. I am also a social worker and I too have had counsel children who are abused. At present I am working with teens in the country area where I live to prevent violence. I am going to forward your info to some minister friends, who maybe able to help. Don't give up!! God is never late!!!

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2000

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