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-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000


"Criminal mischief" is in the "name of offense" category in my report filed with the Olive police. If this happens again to anyone, make sure that you get that as a bare minimum. Say that it seems to be part of a _pattern_ of vandalism, and that it may be a bias-related offense, since the pattern is that this is happening to people involved in work for racial justice concerning an incident that the Attorney General's office is looking into. Tell them a copy of the police report will be filed with the Attorney General's office, as part of this investigation.

While I'm sure it will not enter the "name of the offense" blank, the words that fit there are "terrorism" and "attempted murder," and those are what I would like to make sure we can prosecute the perpetrator for. Not as spectacular as a firebomb, but this vandalism could have had tragic results.

If you have told anyone about screws in tires, contact them from a pay phone and discreetly say "the incident" you described to them earlier this week needs to be kept utterly quiet. We don't want to just stop this person, we want to CATCH him, and we'll need to do that in the act. We don't dare let him know we have seen the pattern.

Officer Wittl and I discussed the need for plain-clothes officer and an unmarked car in the parkinglot at the next Board meeting.He gestured at his regular patrol car, and contemptuously said something to the effect of "The bubblegum machine shows up and the officer goes inside and they know the coast is clear to do whatever they want."

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000

Having been away all weekend and to come home to this is very disturbibng news. Even after Curry and I walked around our cars after the last meeting, it's clear someone knows what they are doing, and this only shows up later...very frightening...It seems like we need to be more than vigilant. I am not in agreemnent with F BluFox about trying to scare anyone..The warrier society, or whomever, do not live here and cannot be here all the time...we must protect ourselves...since the olive police seem unable to have a plainclothes person on site (and any car with a person in the parking lot might scare them off) we need to figure out HOW TO CATCH THIS CRIMINAL!

Let's focus on this, perhaps we need to be sure that: 1. all the police departmenst know this has happened several times, and that they know about the reports filed with various departments.

Have all thew rrports been fileds with Olive? Charles Yopw indicates that perhaps this is a federal issue...can we confirm this, and if so, get the FBI involved and maybe catch this person(s)?

I'm a bit weary to think clearly, but am concerned for all our safety, and for our loved ones who ride with us or use our vehicles...onr thing we could consider is taking fewer cars...or getting dropped off, and having NO cars there until we get picked up...

These screws in the tires sound very much like Klan tactics.


-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000

When is the next Board meeting?

FBI won't usually come in for property damage of less than $25,000, in my experience, but attempted murder, intimidation or terrorism in a bias-related matter might be buzzwords they would listen to.

But who calls in the Feds? The State police? Olive Police? Attorney General's office? Us? What's the protocol that they will all insist on following for who's got jurisdiction?

As Henny Wise said to me the other day, "The history of Olive is summed up by one phrase: border wars."

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2000

I believe the next board meeting is the 21st. Seems as soon s Curry spoke up, his tires were hit..right after Carol wrote her letter, her tires were hit...who's next?

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2000

Tobe, I need to correct your assumption on the timing of mine. The last letter (the "be careful what you wish for" one)wasn't published until the 27th, and the one tire had had a slow leak for at least 10 days before that. Given that there was no leak in the other tire which had a screw, it's quite possible that they could have been put in the night of the last Board meeting I actually attended on June 6, though that is mere conjecture.

I put on my purple hat with the stars and communed with the spirit of the screws. They wished to inform us that they are just pawns here, that they have had their consciousness raised by hanging out with us, and that they feel that "screw" is a slur. They wish to henceforce be known as "Twisted-Americans."

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000

Re timing of the twisted Americans... My gradually flattening tire first came to my attention two weeks ago, but I had been noticing that I "squealed" when turning, and the car was pulling, etc for a good week or two before that. I just didn't figure out what was going on (duh) until the tire got 3/4 flat. (My life is so hectic that something has to be REALLY out of whack before it comes onto my radar screen.) SOOO... My best guess for when these sc--twisted Americans entered my life would also be the July Board meeting. But who knows?

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000

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