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Miami- 26 NOV, 1999- 08:36 AM- there she was- Table sitting perfunctorily in Great Library Hall- the treatise, the dissertation, the theses- words>paragraphs>columns are fluid- flawless interpretations, faultless determinations- and behind her clockwerks- and within her sanctuary- pouring over diabolik - assimilating and digesting the entire syntax of human nature/compulsion/entropy- pondering the nth degree of any seemingly arbitrary folly- realizing all the while the myriad thoughtpath upon countless thousand motives- the human bandwidth- where in the very most subtle grammatical slip she has already deduced the transgressors tiniest inadequacy- incomprehensible lucidity, they are all like children to her- abstracting, calculating, projecting- ticking away, whirring through the night air, even seeming to lie there, but while unconscious she is defining, aligning, combining, synchronizing always careful to crosshatch her acumen with this sort of flippant haze, its a game of wiredcultureinnocuous post-adolescent maze if seed, then respire, and breed, not conspire WHEN NO ONE ESCAPES HER RECKONING [w]

-- karlheinz stockhausen (, August 06, 2000

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