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Since the salary of our African counterparts (pastors) is so much below the minimum, what if all interested pastors were to contribute as littls as .1% (1/10 of 1 percent) of their salary to a fund that would distribute 100% of the proceeds to the African pastors? Can you imagine how much that would raise the level of our churches in Africa? I, for one, believe that the future of the AME church is on the Africa. But, that's another question. I would be willg to make that type of contribution, would you? Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000


Pastor Paris, you are really onto something! Yes, I would gladly do so. How could it be done? Bishop McKenzie has asked for our old unused robes to be cleaned and mended and sent to her so the pastors in the l8th would be blessed in that regard. There is so much work to be done and so little means so much over there. Also, even our old church school literature is welcomed. Peace and grace!

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000

Perhaps we could get new robes made for these pastors. I would be glad to purchase one robe as long as assurance can be given that it would be given FREE to a pastor. Free also implies that that pastor would have no obligations other than those normally required of him/her. God Bless

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2000

Great idea, as usual Pastor.  What would be the address for sending these items to help our brothers and sisters?   Ashamedly, I didn't know the need existed for such things as old Church School Quarterlies. Perhaps Pastor John could place the mailing address on his homepage.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

The proposed form of income redistribution is a helpful start towards correcting pastoral salary disparities at the local AME church. I would recommend that prior to implementing this oble idea that participants willingly agree to have their contribution made available thru electronic bank transfer and treated as a charitable donation for tax purposes. Secondly, it would be important to know the currency exchange rate in the country for where the monetary resoures will be ultimately used. Less developed countries tend to have currencies overly valued in open markets. Windfall gains resulting from currency misalignment are unecessary both here and abroad.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

I am so pleased to see the wide response to my sudden inspiration(?) But ... Whoa . . .! (as we used to say when we were sharecroppers in Texas and we needed to change direction.) The proposal is not income redistribution; it is VOLUNTARY; if you have no desire to give, that is your personal decision. I believe that NO Give = NO Gain but that is only for me. It is NOT a means of correcting disparities in pastoral salary; it IS seeing your brother in need and having compassion for him--Rev. Jesus taught us that. Get it there by the most efficient means possible; one-to-one or thru an organization but keep the BUREAUCRATS out. (bureaucrat defined as: one who follows a routine in a mechanical unimaginative way, insisting on proper forms, petty rules, etc.) I agree the exchange rate is important as well as other details to work out. In many countries, therre are rules and limits on how much can be donated to individual citizens of the country. Anyone in Africa that can respond ought to be able to help us work out the details.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

Pastor Paris, Whoa.....!! I thought only my sharecropper forefathers in NC used that expression to stop the mule in the tobacco field. A few points of clarification. First, I am not a member of the clergy but I find this proposal intriguing because it aims at reducing current pay inequities among the AME clergy. This is a noble endeavor and merits my scrutiny as an economist. To not treat the proposal as plausible ecclesiastical policy would make me derelict in my professional duties. Second, I do not use the term "income redistribution" [IR] in any type of pejorative fashion. The problem has been well defined by yourself in past threads. You have now advanced an interesting proposal for mitigating the pay gap. The fact that the plan would be voluntary doesnot diminish the reality of income redistribution. All transfers, voluntary or involuntary are redistributive in nature. IR is a means to a given end. The end that we all agree is raising the existing meager pay standards for our overseas AME brethren. As Rev. Jesus stated the harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. Your proposal takes a major step in helping to reward the chosen few.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

Dear Alton Paris Thank you for that wonderful idea. I Pastor a congregation in Cape Town South Africa.This congregation is situated in a zone of poverty.I would like to be part of such a project . My heart really breaks when I have to take the salary of $257.14 when my members do not have electricty or food. The feeling I have is that of helplessness and I know my collegues who care for people feel that same helplessness. Pastor Ursula Higgins

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2000

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