Why the hell wasn't Fretless on an album?

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Okay, I downloaded Fretless from Napster this afternoon. I was bloody well blown away. Now, can someone tell me why it wasn't included on any of the subsequent albums. (Mumble in corner about Travesty of justice)

-- Jon (eeg@btinternet.com), August 05, 2000


I agree -- it's a great song. If you really want it in a hard format, it's on the soundtrack to _Until the End of the World_ (which, btw, is worth buying anyhow). Given the timing (1991) and the Kate Pierson guest-vocal, I'd guess that "Fretless" was an outtake from _Out of Time_.

-- Amy (AZNovel@aol.com), August 06, 2000.

It's one of the tracks on "The Automatic Box" and also on the "B" side of some versions of the "Losing My Religion" CD single.

-- Fretless108 (cameron@grumpyfish.com), August 07, 2000.

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