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R.E.M. has been a big inspiration in my life. What about yours?

-- Lisa (, August 04, 2000


REM didn4t only inspire me,they made me SEE...

-- Anna (, August 05, 2000.

What? NO one has been inspired by REM really?? That interests me. How about a certian member of the band? Michael helped me find my self- confindence through his voice and what he believes in. Like when asked "What is your definition of Beauty" he said "Self-Confindence". Just plain beautiful.
Mike helped me by saying "If you feel like an idiot doing something (could be anything), your gonna look like an idiot!". He's so right:).

-- Lisa (, August 06, 2000.

Well, Michael s a REAL big inspiration to me. In the early days of REM,he was very shy but he overcame that fear because he knew if he didn't he would have to give up the thing he loved so much-singing and performing.I used to be extremely shy as well.I wanted to be the frontman of my band when I eventually formed one.I knew that my shyness would get in the way of this. I saw that Michael had once been in the same situation and overcome it and that helped me alot. Now, I have a band together and I do all the songwriting,lead vocals, and play guitar.Our first public appearance will be this October and thanks to Michael, I'm looking forward to it with anxiousness,not anxiety.

-- uncle jammama (, August 06, 2000.

uncle jammama-- That's a beautiful story beautiful:) Good luck with your band!!

-- Lisa (, August 07, 2000.

yea- they inspired me to be more aware of history and the importance of standing up for rights and freeing restrictions and overcoming shyness and living to my potential.

-- vic (, August 07, 2000.

they taught me not to take the easy way out, as is very tempting!

-- jen (, August 09, 2000.

REM are...the greatest:enough said.

-- ms.Stipe (, August 17, 2000.

i don't think its that simple actually, REM are different things to different people.

-- jen (, August 17, 2000.


-- ms.Stipe (, August 17, 2000.

hehe, chill ms stipe!

-- jen (, August 18, 2000.

ko, chillin a snowcone in phoinex(HEEHEEHEE)

-- ms.Stipe (, August 18, 2000.

clap clap clap clap... very funny ms stipe, i'm positively hysterical, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA<---- see? &=^)

-- jen (, August 18, 2000.

JEN,are u laughing at me,or with me,there????mmmmmmm....

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000.

both! hehehe... depends if YOUR laughing or not! &=^)

-- jen (, August 21, 2000.

ok,ill stop if u will?

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000.

ok, i've stopped... (hehe, snigger, smirk)

-- jen (, August 21, 2000.


thats better(long sigh..)

-- ms.Stipe (, August 21, 2000.

Ms Stipey Baby, Sorrry, I'm with Jenny too, He he he Ha ha ha, very funny, I love what you said Giggle Giggle".

-- Stephanie (, August 26, 2000.

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