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I would like to add some D-rings and cords to my tapered bellows and front standard for the purpose of gathering the small end of the bellows toward the lens to prevent vignetting when using wider lenses. Typically, I just use gaffer's tape for this purpose, but eventually, this is going to start leaving gummy residue on my camera. I figure I can rig something up pretty easily from available materials designed for backpacks from a camping store, but does anyone know if someone company that has already thought this through makes a kit for this purpose?

-- David Goldfarb (, August 04, 2000


I use some elasticord in different lengths (try a fabric store) to hold up the sagging bellows on an old KodaK D2, it works ok and does no damage to the 98 year old bellows.

-- bill zelinski (, August 04, 2000.

Here's an idea, get some small strips of leather and attach them to the D-rings, then fix the leather to the bellows. Though I'm not as sure about fixing the hoks to the front standard, as happily I do't have this problem as the designers already fitted them on mine in manufacture.

-- David Kirk (, August 05, 2000.


Keith Canham seems to have solved this rather neatly. He uses a small piece of velcro attached (glued?) to the top of the bellows, several folds behind the lens, and a mating strip of velcro attached to the front standard.

It works very well and is entirely adjustable. I imagine anyone could do this to their own bellows for very little money.

Good luck, Sergio.

-- Sergio Ortega (, August 05, 2000.

Thanks for the responses. After some contemplation, here's what I've decided to do:

This is an 8x10" Gowland PocketView with a nylon bellows and a metal front standard without much room to attach hooks or velcro. The camera also folds flat, so I've decided to avoid any metal or plastic hardware that might press into and potentially damage the bellows while the camera is packed away.

I made some loops out of 2 cm flat nylon ribbon by folding the ribbon over and sewing a seam straight across, leaving flaps for gluing, and glued them to the bellows with a pliable adhesive called "Pliobond." The adhesive is drying right now, and it looks pretty good. Then I'll put some thinner nylon cord through the ribbon loops, and I'll be able to loop the cord over the adjustment knobs on the front standard without having to add any new hooks. I'll report back once I've tested it.

-- David Goldfarb (, August 15, 2000.

Just a quick note from Hawai'i where I've been visiting family and doing some photographing for the past two weeks. My bellows compression system has held up perfectly. I have a nylon cord with three loops about an inch apart hanging from each of the ribbon loops so that I can quickly loop them over the front knobs after I've made my adjustments.

I think Pliobond would be the ideal stuff for attaching bellows patches if necessary.

-- David Goldfarb (, August 30, 2000.

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