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Just wondering if there is a program that can convert DV format video to MPEG? Also, what would be the best format to use on a CD to show video and audio combined?

-- Steve McCracken (, August 04, 2000


I havn't working tn DV, but here is one site that I have come across that might be of intrest.

Happy encoding.


-- Eric (, August 04, 2000.

I use the good old free program TMPGenc. I will also use thier de-interlace program setting. It works great with my raw DV footage

-- joe (, August 04, 2000.


The best way to go is probably to make an SVCD (if you want it to play on a standalone DVD that is). Then you'll get smooth, interlaced video, and (with the right encoder) good quality.

TMPGEncoder produces the best quality (look at and, but is troubled with some problems. bbMPEG is another option (and a new version is coming any week now), but the quality (at SVCD bitrates) is not as good. For bbMPEG info, turn to

Best regards, Gabriel Westman

-- Gabriel Westman (, August 05, 2000.

If you are using Mac, u could use Astarte M.Pack (recently take over Apple Computer), it can output Toast Ready VCD Mpeg file and you can burn VCD from Toast. I also use Media Cleaner, it can convert any format to any format. I have tried converting Quicktime to Mpeg with no problem.

-- tcwdoggy (, August 06, 2000.

What ever program you use make sure the DV source material is read by it as full size, 720 x 480 NTSC and 720 x 576 PAL, this is not necessarily standard as some qdv.dll drivers are set to default at half size and working from that baseline, the results will be of poorer quality.

bbMPEG had a good option that allowed the size to be changed but it does not necessarily hold as a default, there is a driver available that overcomes this and allows the full frame to hold as a default.

Make sure you read input frame sizes to get the best quality output.

This was reported weeks ago on my site

-- Ross McL (, August 06, 2000.

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