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o, I've built a number of vcd's with EZ cd creator 4.0, both cd-r's and cd-rw's, both multi track and single track. I'm using a Sony dvp-S530D dvd player. Now my problem is, I find that not a single cd-r will not work, and as I've found out in earlier forums thats just Sony's problem. However my Cd-rw's will only work sometimes. I'll put my cd-rw in and the player wont find it... It will only reconize the cd around once out of every 10 or 12 times I put it in. However, when it does regonize it, it works perfectly. Why is this? Any imput would be apriciated and I'd like to thank all of you that take the time to respond.

-- Spencer Powell (, August 02, 2000


Using a CDRW is sort of a "trick". Sometimes it works all the time, sometimes not at all and sometimes intermittant. It depends on your DVD's laser wavelength tolerance. Some are more "broad banded" than others. Most of the the newer Sony models are not designed to work with CDR (as you know). Certain CDRW discs (because of their different media from CDR) will reflect at a wavelength "nearer" to that of a DVD media type disc. If you have a DVD player that has a laser than is right on the "border" of being able to read CDRW, you might have an intermittant read from disc to disc.

Check my web site (new one in progress) for "DVD Player Issues". You'll find a lot of 'non-technical' information there that may help to explain this.

-- rich (, August 03, 2000.

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