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Just a reminder to anyone coming to Bournemouth Ch. Show - allow plenty extra time for possible traffic delays! The roads are terribly congested at this time of the year, and it doesn`t take much for the traffic to slow to crawling pace! The map in the schedule, actually isn`t that bad, but if anyone wants a more detailed local map, I can happily send you one.

I will post again nearer the time to let you know if you will be needing wellies!(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000


Typically, the weather is keeping us guessing for Bournemouth Show. It is invariably extreme! Either cruelly hot, or monsoon conditions. Just to let you know - both have been forecast for this weekend!(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

Well Bournemouth Show was hot! And what should have been a relaxing day for me, as it is my local show, started off badly. I had a lazy start to the day, leaving home at nine o`clock for the ten minute drive. Of course that put me right at the back of the car park (dung infested field actually). Halfway between the car and the entrance, a wheel collapsed on my trolley! Chaos reigned, and after much to- ing and fro-ing, plus the expense of a new trolley, I arrived.

As usual, for Bournemouth, the benching was much too far away from the rings to make it feasible to use it. So we set up camp in the outside grooming areas. Talk about mad dogs and Englishmen! Where is the logic of all those cool empty marquees, when all the dogs and exhibitors are forced outside in the baking sun? Why oh why can`t we show our dogs in the tents with all the sides rolled up? Or is that just too logical? (:o)

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2000

I forgot to add - congratulations to two new champions - Tameron Mr. XS and It`s me I`m Jemima at Snaefell. Well done! (:o)

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2000

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