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It is very interesting that a very important and significant answer was deleted. Can it be that when people speak or address the truth that it is deleted. I read the article by Jennifer Richardse about how you cannot buy God's work. When I went back for it then it was deleted. What happened or was it too much truth.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000


Several people have asked this question....rather than to continue to respond individually, here is the answer for all to see and I also will post it publically in the site from which the questions originally were purged.

It is an easy answer. Those comments were purged because they were libelous. You can not write and accuse someone of taking money unless you both have proof and evidence of such an occurence. Libel means you make an accusation that you can not substantiate. Just by way of background, A.M.E. Today for me is a labor of love, but my living has been made for the past 30 years as a professional journalist working for a newspaper with a circulation (combined) of a quarter million a day. I have served as an editor for the last six years and as an investigative reporter and entertainment editor prior to that. So I can say that if I do not know anything else, I do know journalism and libel. Anybody can accuse anybody of anything when they can hide behind the banner of not substaniating what they have said. It is as easy as writing it and walking away. I just hope the writer and all who endeavor to do such fingerpointing realize that they can be sued penniless for doing so. Personally, I am not going to put myself in jepordy of such a suit by permiting obviously libelous statements to stay online and as quick as I detect them, they will continue to come down and for those directly involved withe posting, they were informed that the posts were coming down, with an explaination as they were removed.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000

Rev. Fisher, thank you for your response. I read something last week about $200,000 being given to bishops in order to get elected and I was about to question the facts. I wondered how anyone would be privileged to such information unless they were the treasurer. Being a colleague of the person named, I was quite indignant at the charges!!! I am so glad I found this Website. Keep up the good work.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2000

Pastor John acted responsibly in pulling the libelous material. Biblically we are instucted to bare witness to what we have seen and heard. Libel use to be difficult to prove when statements were made against a public figure.

I can never forget the late Rev. A Lewis Williams, a former Editor of the AME CHRISTIAN RECORDER. Lewis made a statment that the late Rev. Howard Thomas Primm and others entered a room soliciting the prayers of the Bishops of the Church of Allen for Primm aand others to be elected to the office of a Bishop. Back then $100000 was a lot of money to give away. Bishop Howard Thomas Primm was the Presiding Bishop of the 13th Episcopal District and he almost demanded that A Lewis Williams retract the statments that he made in print or publically. Bishop Primm stated taht it would have been very difficult for a pastot to give such sums of money away.

Williams stated, Bishop I was not in the room with you and the Bishops of the church yet, when the bishops exited the room, I could see and hear for myself their conversation and the fact that they were in posession of more than waht they had before you intered the room. Bishop Primm had to back down!

There was an election at a General Conference where money bought the office! An old man once told me that the AME Church is a paternal church! Tha old man did not lie!

The Church of Jesus Christ is Victorious. The church of man lacks!

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2000

When A Bishop was caught at the Airport in Atlanta with bags of money, the question was asked of him where did he get it from. His answer was the names of some of the candidates that was mentioned in The article written by Richardse.

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2000

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