Hopefully a false alarm...

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Gameboy mentioned underclocking the other day, but it wasn't until an hour or so ago that I found out that MAME lets you underclock.

The bad news: I played a shooter underclocked at 25% and hit the fire button like crazy. The statistics from InpHisto just looked like my typical firing speed at any 100% recording...

The good news: Underclocked recordings do not seem to play back correctly. But I only tried it on two games: DoDonPachi at 25% and Pnickies at 90%. Can anyone confirm or deny (thanks, QT :-)) this for these and other games?

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000


Yeah - I was sorta afraid of that - but it's not an issue and I'll tell you why.

In order to play it back - and it can - the recorder has to mention the overclocking / underclocking. So if he says underclock at 20% - and we do it - it will play back. But we got him right there. As far as we're concerned, that's a slowdown anyway.

There is one recording I've seen which overclocks to 150% - that controversial guy in King of Fighters '96 I think it was who claimed 1st place a month or two ago.

Probably a motion to prohibit overclocking / underclocking is in order.

Thanks for reading. GB9

P.S. It's how you get to play NBA JAM TE on a P3/500 with no choppiness in sound - by underclocking both CPUs to 40% :)

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000

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