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Hi, I am doing an extended essay on Poe's aesthetic theory as reflected in his poetry and I have thought of several questions in the process of composing this paper. * What poems did Poe consider his best? (I remember seeing this somewhere, but I can't find it again. I would also need a source to cite for this information for purposes of corroboration.)

* How have "Tamerlane" and "Al Aaraaf" generally been received critically and in the context of Poe's whole body of poetry (i.e. as some of his best/worst work) It would be nice to have a quote from a reputable critic. I am trying to discuss them in terms of Poe's idea of "unity of effect", these being some of his longest poems.

* Finally, I remember reading a preface written by Poe to one of his volumes of poetry in which he presents his poems almost apologetically, citing the failure of his work to live up to his artistic vision. I suppose this question sounds a bit far-fetched, but if anyone recognizes the description, I would appreciate knowing to which volume of poetry this preface corresponds or perhaps where I might find this preface.....

Any assistance on these points would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.


-- Anonymous, August 01, 2000

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