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After my little rant in my weblog last night, I thought I'd ask others how they feel about carpet in bathrooms. I know a lot of houses have carpet in the bathroom and/or the kitchen. Personally, I think it's obsurd and totally hate it. How do you all feel about it? Am I the only one who gets worked up over little stuff like this?

-- Lee M (, August 01, 2000


Deedra- My nephew is the perfect little angel and would NEVER do those things you mentioned. Shame on you. LOL Love you, too. Hopefully we'll have things worked out soon with the floor. I can't wait.

Angela and Gaile- Thank you so much. It's nice to know that my hatred towards carpet in the bathroom isn't unfounded and that I'm not a total retard. Gaile- your story sounds so similar to mine. I did go and pick out some new flooring for the bathroom the other day. It's Petrus ceramic floor tiles. It's beautiful, it is easy to clean, it will last forever, and water won't hurt it. Perfect, I say. We are also going to totally redo the whole bathroom. I only wish we had an extra wall to tear down and make the bathroom larger. But I will be more than happy with a new floor. No carpet! YAY!!!

Thanks again. Lee

-- Lee M (, August 03, 2000.

Good Morning, Deedra!! I just wanted to let you know that I also hate, hate, hate having carpet in the bathrooms, also. My reasoning is that your little stinker of a nephew enjoys pouring water out of the tub during bath time. Therefore, the carpet gets wet on a daily basis. Not to metion that his dad isn't always a great aim when it comes to the toliet area. So really, if it weren't for men, this really wouldn't be a problem at all. :-) If you need help this week-end, just call. You do have a family member in the floor covering business.....even though I may have to kick him in the butt to get him going..haha love u, T

-- Terri Templeton (, August 01, 2000.

I hate it too Lee! It's ugly, it's tacky... oh, God, it's just weird. Carpet does not belong in the bathroom!

-- Angela (, August 02, 2000.

I couldn't pass up answering this one. We *HAD* carpet in our ensuite, and I have always hated it. Hubby would always say we were gonna rip it up "one of these days". Well that day came sooner than he anticipated. While he was on an out of town trip, the toilet seal (that wax ring where the toilet meets the floor), sprung a leak and I walked onto squishy wet carpet in the middle of the night. I turned off the water and the very next morning I took out all the carpet and underpad. The subfloor was water damaged, and so I ripped that out while I was at it. Then I called the hubby and said to be prepared, as I was calling contractors for estimates. Eight weeks and a whole lotta $$ later, we had a beautiful new ensuite, double in size (I had them rip out the wall between the bathroom and the dressing room), and a brand new 15' closet as well. And the new flooring??

It's Italian porcelain...easy to clean, gorgeous to look at!!

-- Gaile E (, August 03, 2000.

Carpet in bathroom brings on mildew. My ex-mother-in-law had it in her bathroom and it stunk to high heaven.

-- Amy (, September 22, 2000.

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